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Your project's budget and timeframe are discussed before any work starts so both parties know the payment schedule up front.  Melissa is very reliable in honoring the final agreement on all projects. 

Melissa Specializes in These Services:
Script Consulting 
Writing Coaching
References for all services listed are also available upon request.
Please Note:
Services and Fees
Writer-for-Hire for General Writing Assignments: 
Need someone to write your web page content, article, press release, or do some other specific writing project?  Talk to Melissa about how she can help!  
Note:  This service is for non-story writing projects (see below for that).

Turn-around Time:  Depends on project, but a timeframe will be set up at the start.

Fee: $50.00 per hour

Writer-for-Hire for a Story:  
If you are a producer or director looking for a writer to write your script idea (for a feature film, TV series, or theatrical play) or revise an existing project please talk to Melissa about the specific writing assignment.  
Note: Only the general idea needs to be discussed up front to know if it's a project she can work on (to be sure it is not like any of her own original work).   If an agreement to work together is decided upon a nondisclosure agreement can be signed along with the contract. 

Turn-around Time:  Depends on project, but a timeframe will be set up in a writer-for-hire contract stating dates to finish the outline/treatment and each full draft.

Fee:  Payment will depend on the project and will be a set flat fee instead of an hourly charge. (Payments will be made in installments as the project progresses.)  A royalty agreement will be discussed as well and it can vary depending on the project and the amount of the flat fee amount paid out.  

Note:  No deferred payments or royalty-only assignments are accepted for story writing projects.  
Editing can mean doing many different things (besides "writing," for actual writing is very different than editing, which is commenting on or correcting someone's writing), but overall it means doing whatever is needed for the project at a certain stage to improve it, such as:  

This is correcting the grammar and proofing the overall final manuscript lay-out.  It is normally done at the final stage of a project.
Note: The Chicago Manual of Style is used for all copyediting work dealing with grammar. 

Fee: $30.00 per hour (on all manuscripts, and the timeframe is discussed up front based on length) 

Developmental (Structural) Editing: 
This is more extensive, detailed, line-by-line notes for revising an existing manuscript's plotlines and characters to make the story stronger overall and is normally done at the beginning of projects once a first full draft is completed.  It can also include recommending deleting or moving sections around if needed, identifying "holes" in the story, reviewing syntax of the sentences (meaning the author's writing style/voice), and stating where the story needs to be made stronger or clearer.  Sometimes this kind of editing can even be done using only ideas and notes to create an outline for the first draft of a manuscript to then be written.  

Fee: $50.00 per hour (on all manuscripts, and the timeframe is discussed up front) 
Note: This does not include any writing or ghostwriting on the project by Melissa (as the editor she will make notes necessary for you to do the necessary revisions of the project as the writer).

Note: For book manuscripts only a "per page rate" for all editing work may be discussed after the initial manuscript evaluation is done (though a "by the hour" rate may still be best to use, Melissa can give you an estimate for each so both rates can be compared).  
Per page rates range between $5-$7 for copyediting and $8-$10 for structural editing, depending on the actual work involved (which can be determined by the manuscript evaluation).  

Script Consulting:  This is the first step for most projects, and sometimes the only step necessary.  It entails evaluating a finished manuscript, either in it's first draft stage (to assess how the story is being formed) or last draft stage (normally to see if anything was missed before sending a project out).  Melissa's general overall story notes on plotlines, structure, characters, and dialogue are written directly on your manuscript pages for your review.  

Note:  It is not a line-by-line type of detailed, structural edit, but rather an overall review of all the things that would later be covered more in depth in a structural type of edit.  It is basically an "overall evaluation" of the project in it's current state.  This kind of evaluation gives both parties a solid idea of what needs to be done next, how much work it will entail, and how long it should take to accomplish.  It does not include doing grammar edits either but does evaluate how much of a copyedit on the writing will be needed later on.

Turn-around Time:  
For film, TV, and play scripts it is normally 1 week from the time the project is received with 2/3 of the payment.
For book manuscripts it can vary depending on the project's length, but is normally done within 2 - 3 weeks.  (The timeframe is discussed up front so deadlines will be set and 2/3 of the payment is also due up front.)  
Note:  The other 1/3 of the payment is due upon receipt of the project being returned to you for all of the above mediums.

One Act Play (up to 70 pages): $250.00  
Two or Three Act Play (90 to 120 pages): $350.00  
Half Hour TV Script: $250.00  
One Hour TV Script: $325.00   
TV Series Pilot & Book Bibles: Starts with the above prices for pilot episode and then the book bible review varies based on length. 
Short Film (up to 30 pages): $150.00  
Short Film (31 to 60 pages): $250.00  
Screenplay (90 to 110 pages): $350.00  
Book Manuscript: $1.50 per page, evaluation only (250 words per page, New Times Roman Font, DS)

BONUS:  A complementary, 30 minute consultation on the phone to go over any further questions you may have about the notes is gifted to all script consulting clients after your manuscript is returned and final payment is received.  ​
(Note:  All editing work is done after a script's evaluation/consultation has been completed first.) 
Script Consulting 
Whatever your specific writing needs are, Melissa will work with you to help you achieve them by discussing whatever concerns you, be it a specific project you want to start or are stuck on, goals for your project after it is finished, the correct manuscript format to use, or whatever else you want to learn.  

Sessions are done over the phone or Skype and can be scheduled for up to 2 hours at a time.  You can schedule a one-time session or schedule them weekly if you need more inspiration and guidance to help you get through a project from start to finish.

Fee: $50.00 per hour                        Click Here to Read Some Free Writing Tips to Get You Started

Monthly Special:  Book 1-2 hours a week within a 4 week timeframe for $180.00 (A $20.00 savings!)
Writing Coaching
GIFT CERTIFICATES are available so you can give the gift of inspiration to your favorite wordsmith!
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Please Note:

Writing is hard work, and great writing is even harder.  The above services are what most clients need to see where they stand with a project and where to go from that point with it.  Both services entail a lot of time and information on a set budget and I do my best to give professional advice based on my experiences working in all mediums to help fellow wordsmiths succeed.  

But I am also a (thankfully) working writer myself, and my time is becoming more limited with being able to help with editing and writing services unless it is to be hired as a writer-for-hire for a producer or company.   

Editing and writing services can also get costly on many projects, and I understand many people do not have the money a publishing or production company might have to pay a professional writer or editor.  However, if you have a limited budget for your project and are in need of an editor there are still ways to find a good one.  I recommend finding an English major at a local college or even an English teacher in your area who may be interested in helping you out so they themselves can also get experience in the entertainment field.  This has worked out nicely for many past clients and I help them solely as a consultant whenever needed.         

Otherwise, here are my rates for editing and writing services below... And please see my Client Projects page to read testimonies from those I have worked with on various projects in the past.