Melissa Pilgrim
            Writer, Editor 

Written by Melissa Pilgrim
Illustrated by Ira V. Gates

Published by Indigo River Publishing

Book Details

Genre: Historical Fiction
Reading Level: For ages 9 & up
Length: Novella (approx. 90 pages)
Language: English
Book Cover Art: Ira V. Gates
Cost: $3.99 ebook

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Published Books
Follow Eric as he stretches and moves his body at the start of his day by mimicking 17 different kinds of animals he has seen.  Travel with him to the jungle, the forest, the ocean, the desert—and don't forget to keep your body moving!  

This fun, interactive story for ages 3 - 6 shows how using your imagination can help make moving your body even more fun! 

Note:  This children’s picture book was inspired from Melissa’s theater classes with young children.  It was written to help kids learn how to be “creatively fit” by doing 2 things at once:

* Shows children how to move and stretch their body in a variety of animal-like poses to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits, stay active, and be more confident with how their body moves overall.

* Teaches children how they can be creative and use their imagination as they pretend to be 17 different kinds of animals living in various habitats. 

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Cost: $12.95

* 6 Free Lesson Plans for both Preschool & Kindergarten (in 3 different categories)! 
* And Kids—Get a Free Animal Motions Mini-Poster to Print Out & Color!
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Editorial Reviews of Animal Motions…
Favorite for the Classroom!
"All the world's a stage and our youngest children can be players right in their own homes through the imagination and experienced hand of Melissa Pilgrim… Clearly she loves to work with children both to get their bodies moving and to get their imaginations charged. The book guides you from one animal to the next and the directions for how to move are simple and well-illustrated. The illustrations lend themselves to caricature which lights each page with a touch of humor and fun along with the bright colors and energy. The author offers lesson plans for preschoolers and for kindergarteners. This would be a favorite for the classroom."
—Barb Langridge, A Book and a

This is a Fun Children's Book!  Gives Kids a More Exciting Way to Stretch and Move... 
“The illustrations are bright, colorful, and captivating. They really bring the story to life. I love the concept of this book. I love that it can get kids moving and they don't even realize it! They just think they're mimicking the animals. My six-year-old laughed and loved this book. I also love that the website has lesson plans, and that there is an app that goes along with the story. I would definitely recommend this book for families with toddlers to first graders. It would also be great in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade classes, along with younger dance and gymnastics classes.” 

Awakens the Imaginations of Young Children!
“Not all books should be read sitting down… beautifully illustrated. Parents and teachers will appreciate this book for its ability to teach their children to be ‘creatively fit.’ Pilgrim wanted to awaken the imaginations of young children, which she does very well as she suggests that they ‘soar like an eagle’ or ‘swing... like a monkey.’ And those same children will continue to use their imagination as they request that this book be read to them again and again.” 
—Emily Castilla, Reading Matters Blog (Great Reading for Your Children)


About Sergeant Stubby In The Great War:

When a little stray puppy befriends a soldier training to go to war in 1917, he starts out on an amazing journey as the private teaches him all he needs to know to become a U.S. Army soldier too.  After sneaking him on board a ship heading to Europe, the two best friends fight side-by-side in what soon becomes the biggest war the world has ever seen! 

The little dog, affectionately named “Stubby” because of his stout tail, learns to bravely confront all the brand new warfare devices he encounters including tanks, machine guns, planes, and mustard gas as he proudly serves his country in the First World War and becomes a true American war hero.

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A FREE Glossary and Lesson Plan are available to download on to go along with this well-researched historical fiction novella.  The story is written to make learning about history engaging and fun for young readers and is perfect for the classroom!  

This chapter book story is suitable for 4th grade and up.
(Photo of the real Stubby from Wikimedia Commons)
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Features 32 pages of beautiful, colorful, full page watercolor illustrations.    
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