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Can't Get Over You
Produced Song...
Performed by Kaleb
Music by Dr. Phillip Tirman
Lyrics by Melissa Pilgrim
​String Arrangements by Anselm Schaufler
Mixed & Produced by Steve Alexander, Industrysound Studios

It was a true "global collaboration" of 5 times zones and 3 countries to get this song written and recorded, which you can read more about if you'd like below, but first, here's the lyric video (created by Kaleb): 

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A ballad about the one you just can’t forget… (and maybe weren’t meant to).
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Can't Get Over You (Lyric Video), Featuring Kaleb

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Please contact Melissa if you are a musician looking for a lyricist. She loves creating great music with other talented people!    

A Dream, 5 Time Zones, and 3 Countries Coming Together: The Story Behind Can’t Get Over You

     It all started in Malibu, California with Dr. Phillip’s Tirman’s dream of wanting to touch people’s lives in ways outside of medicine through his other passion, music; so one day he picked up his beloved guitar and created the wonderful music for what he named "New Song 1."  An ad on Craig’s List entitled “looking for lyricists” then led him to connect with writer Melissa Pilgrim across the country in Littleton, New Hampshire, and after hearing the moving guitar composition the words and melody of “…just can’t get over you” came directly from the notes themselves, almost telling her it’s brooding story of a man missing his ex-love as the stirring tune played over and over, the phrases coming together with the song’s rhythm perfectly.  
    Phillip’s nephew Kaleb, a talented singer living in Denton, Texas, heard the first draft of the finished piece, and both songwriters were delighted when he said he wanted to record it. Phillip’s friend across the pond, Anselm Schaufler, who just so happens to be a music professor in Graz, Austria, then offered to help add some fabulous strings... and Kaleb’s mate down under, Steve Alexander in Melbourne, Australia, was contacted to do the final, emotional mixing of it all under Phillip’s guidance.  
     Through phone calls, e-mails, and Skype, across both land and sea, this song was a true global collaboration as well as proof that music is bringing the whole world together... and just maybe a few ex-lovers too. 

About Recording Artist: Kaleb 

     Kaleb (full name Kaleb Aaron Tirman) was born on May 25, 1975 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He first got into music by playing the drums for his church band when he was 17. And though he loved everything to do with music and performing right away, he—and others—soon realized he wasn’t meant to stay behind a drum set once they heard his moving vocals. So he started a band with a friend who played guitar and became the group’s lead singer. Kaleb has been singing ever since, honing his craft in various bands in the U.S. for the past two decades including groups such as Hap-Hazard, Rejected Faith, and Grand Façade. He also spent some time living in Australia performing with the band Gamble Ave there (and still does on occasion). Musically he is very eclectic, being influenced by artists like Prince, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Radiohead, and RHCP, but rock and R&B are his favorite genres, which is why he was attracted to the rock ballad Can’t Get Over You and wanted to record it. He currently lives in Denton, Texas with his wife and two sons.