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I have worked with clients in every creative medium (book publishing, film, TV, and theater), as well as on their business-related needs.  

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Books Melissa has Edited and Helped Launch/Market
"It is a great pleasure to work with Melissa.  She is humble but very insightful about her work as an editor.  I am happy to recommend her to anyone.  She does an excellent job."  
—Robert Peng, Co-author of The Master Key, New York, NY  

"Melissa's wellspring of contributions while editing Qigong Master lifted the book above the cloud-cover of ‘good’ and into the bright blue skies of ‘great’ where it now shines.” 
—Rafael Nasser, Co-author of The Master Key, New York, NY  

Note: Republished in February, 2014 by Sounds True with a new title. First edition called Gigong Master, My Life and Secret Teachings, published by Rainbow Tree Publishing, 2010.  (Same book, only a different cover and title!)
"5 Stars!  Intimate Wisdom is an invaluable, practical, and 'user friendly' guide!" 
—Midwest Book Review 

“Melissa, thank you for the incredible editing you did for my book, Intimate Wisdom.  I received both the Editor’s Choice and Publisher's Choice Awards for it from my publisher and I am thrilled!  Your clear, concise, and sensitive attention to the material kept my voice in tact while sharpening the delivery of the message.   In addition, you have edited numerous publications, articles, and website materials for me.  I genuinely and happily recommend your incredible professionalism and expertise.”
—Karinna Kittles-Karsten, Author of Intimate Wisdom, The Sacred Art of Love and President of Sacred Love, Inc., Pacific Palisades, CA 

Note: Launched 2007, published by iUniverse. 
Over the past decade Melissa has edited and/or helped launch over 12 books with writers all over the U.S. in both fiction and nonfiction.  She has worked with books for all ages, from children's picture books to novels and self-help books.  She has worked with first time writers as well as professional authors.  She has worked on projects that have been self-published and ones that were published by traditional publishing companies (including working on the book proposals for them).  She has assisted with the book launch and marketing of many of the books she has been involved with as well.    
Examples in Nonfiction...
And Fiction... 
“Melissa is a true writing coach and idea person!  I have found my direction thanks to her guidance.  She is very motivating and keen on what will work and what won’t.  She keeps things positive and on the move.  If you’re looking for direction with your writing project, she has a good compass!”
—Catherine Hier, TV Writer/Puppeteer, Bethlehem, NH
"As a beginning television writer, the advice and guidance Melissa provided was invaluable.  The notes she gave helped not only to make my pilot script better, but they also turned me into a better writer overall.  I really appreciate it!"
—Spencer Ervin, Writer, Dover, NH
"After Melissa reviewed and edited my play, it received its first production in Chicago.  Her comments were instructive and intuitive—
and her sense of plot, timing, story and structure were right on target."
—Lisa Holmes, Playwright/Novelist, Chicago, IL
Melissa has worked as a writer and editor for many businesses (for both online and brick-n-mortar stores).  The interesting, varied tasks have included doing their press releases, articles, blogs, website page content, bios, business reports, and newsletters (both weekly and monthly).  She has worked with a variety of businesses in many different fields including: home construction, roofing, hair salons, relationship counseling. caregiving, health care, and interior design.  She is very efficient, reliable, and able to meet all deadlines when working on assignments.   
Examples of Businesses Melissa Has Worked For: Was one of the main editors and writers for the whole website and assisted with the development of it (founded in 2013).  Wrote and did research on over a dozen health-related articles.  Had her own monthly blog column reviewing inspirational books for caregivers for 1 year.

An engaging novel about the adventures and regrets of a Texas Oil Princess’s quest for finding love…
Book Trailer Video (which Melissa created using photos provided by the author Leighton Summers)
"This is a story of the 'aha' moments that ultimately brings the realization that to be loved well, one must learn to love smarter."
—Carol McCoggins, The Island Magazine 

"The characters were really real to me and spoke to me. Melanie was a wonderful and rich character and so was the book!"

"I really loved seeing Melanie’s growth, especially towards the end of the novel." 
—Whitney, Barbetti’s

Note: ebook launched 2013, print book launched 2014, published by SBC Publishing.
Note: All 3 of these titles can be purchased on Amazon.  
__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Was one of the main editors and writers who helped set up this business's first website in 2006 while also editing the company founder's book, Intimate Wisdom (published in 2007).  Also edited weekly newsletters, business documents, and conducted research as needed.

​  Did extensive research and wrote 2 in-depth articles on "2014 Housing Trends" and "The Top 5 Concerns When Building a Home" that were given out as bonuses when people signed up for the website's newsletter throughout that whole year.  
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