Melissa Pilgrim
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Performance Right Fees for Our Holiday Show! 
1 – 99 seats, $40.00 per performance
100 – 250 seats, $55.00 per performance
Over 250 seats, $75.00 per performance  

10% gross of the box office per performance

Note:  Payments are accepted by Paypal only. 


Produced & Published Plays 

10 Most Popular Produced Plays:

A Grimm Fairy Tale (musical comedy)
Starmaker! (live variety show format)
Our Holiday Show! (one act play & holiday concert combined)
A Piece of Soap (comedy spoof)
The Case of Bloody Murder at Sherwood Manor (comical dinner-theatre mystery)
When The Bell Rings (musical dramedy)
Trouble Brewing at Sumerville Academy (all female dramedy) 
Everybody (modern morality play)
Judi Jackson, Live! (live talk show format) 
Improv-it! (improv-styled variety show)

Note: 8 of these plays are published in The Chicago Alliance for Playwrights Directory.

Melissa is currently publishing her most requested titles on, starting with... 
Our Holiday Show! 
A One Act Play & Holiday Concert Combined
By Melissa Pilgrim
Click Here for the PDF containing information on how to apply for the Performance Rights and receive a quote on how much it would cost your group/class to perform this show!
A series of harmful pranks on holiday characters throughout the year lands the April Fool on Santa’s bad list right before the annual holiday party at the North Pole. Will he/she be able to make amends with Santa and the others he/she has hurt? Or will he/she have to give up April Fool’s Day altogether to prove to them he/she is truly sorry? Let your group perform this funny, clever, one act play to find out how the April Fool learns his/her lesson that jokes and pranks are only funny if no one is ever hurt!  

Note: Since this story has a great anti-bullying message as well as a holiday concert, it's perfect for a December-timed, holiday-themed show!

Genre: Comedy, Holiday Concert

Cast Size: This delightful children’s holiday play and concert offers a flexible cast size with a minimum of 10 characters. There are 10 speaking roles: 5 females, 4 males, and 1 (April Fool) for either female or male.  
Note: Up to as many "only singing" characters as desired can then be added to the CHORUS to accommodate your group or class size. (They will sing at the end only as part of the full cast.) 

Recommended for performers aged 8 – 11 (Grades 3 – 6)

Running Time: 30 minutes (with the option to add more songs to the ending holiday concert scene to accommodate any performance time needed, if desired).


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I've had 16 plays for children and teens produced in various theaters around the U.S. from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale.  I've also been hired to write specific shows for theater groups and school productions. 

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